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Pornography for Farmers

There is no delicate way to put this, but right now, at this very moment, there are farming folk, yokels, honest toilers of the land, who are getting off on a film to which I have lent my voice.

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SEMST / Linköping Bloody Kommun!


Friday was largely dedicated to spitting out the words ‘Linköping Bloody Kommun’ through gritted teeth. 

For accuracy, I should say that this wasn’t just an average day to day ‘Linköping Bloody Kommun’ swearathon - When you live…

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Knife Town!

Over the last few weeks, I've started to come to terms with the great blog conundrum: The more you do that is worthy of writing in said blog, the less likely you are to find the time to sit…

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Rock and Roll!

On Saturday night, I was back at The Crypt to do a short set as part of my friend Gustav's birthday celebrations. The Crypt has the potential to be one of the nicest venues in Linköping, if it weren't…

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Pup- Star

I haven't written a blog post for a couple of weeks. I apologise. I was busy. Then I was ill. Then I was busy and ill. Traditionally, it's February where everyone gets ill. But this year, February was a…

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All my friends are .... And I'm like....

Back in the day it used to be:  'All my friends are getting married and having kids, and I'm like....'
Then we got older and it became: 'All my friends are getting divorced and having affairs, and I'm

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It's still NOT an audition!

It's that time of year again when we have to remind Stångestaden that unless it involves singing, dancing, juggling, sword-swallowing, playing a musical instrument or making a dog jump through a hoop, it's not an audition.  

The word…

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Linköping Comedy Festival 2018

So that's Linköping Comedy Festival over for another year. Thank you to everyone who made it possible: Audiences, comedians, techies, staff at Frimis and sponsors, Visit Linköping, Botrygg and Mannersons. 

It was a smaller, more intimate festival this…

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Ten years of LKPG HA HA!

Ten years ago, I got together with Kjell Nyholm and Jessica Karlén, a couple of comedians from Kisa and put together the first ever LKPG HA HA! at Nationernas Hus in Linköping.  

I thought the anniversary was today, 8th…

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All My Kamrater

I was up early this morning to be on AMK morgon. 

AMK is phenomenal. And I mean that in every sense of the word - The very fact it exists is remarkable and fantastic. It's been controversial, it's…

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