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I haven't written a blog post for a couple of weeks. I apologise. I was busy. Then I was ill. Then I was busy and ill. Traditionally, it's February where everyone gets ill. But this year, February was a month that was full of energy, enthusiasm and general roaring at the world to bring it on. Then along came March and the temperature dropped and like a big cold raspberry in the face, the winter looked like it was here to stay. And of course we all got the flu. 

Last Friday, most of us managed to combine being ill together. I spent the day with my daughters watching the worst imaginable offerings on Netflix. Starting with a film from 2016 called Pup-Star. The story for what it's worth, is a typical rags to riches tale of a girl with a dream, framed in the context of America's Got Talent. The twist? All the main characters are dogs. That actually speak! Woof woof! 

I don't know how they do this, but my theory is that they put something in the dog's mouths, like mustard, and the discomfort makes them move their mouths like they are speaking. I'm sure they also keep the dogs in a state of near starvation with an ever present threat of violence. That's my theory anyway. 

The girls loved it. I was ready to take my chances knocking back a whole bottle of Calpol to try and numb the pain. 

The film came to an end ... And the girls forced me to watch another film. The sequel. Pup Star 2.

Spoiler Alert. There's an identical dog, that turns out to be the star of the first film's long lost sister. They do a duet at the end. ... Spoiler. Yep. But I've saved you the pain of having to watch it, so you should thank me. 

Anyway.. I'm better now .. I've just got a bit of a headache from my two girl's who haven't stopped asking if we can get a puppy. 


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