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Newspapers are a bit weird. If you contact them with a story that is happening here and now and that is exciting, the response is..... apathy if they can be bothered and indifference if they care enough to answer your email. On the other side of the coin, when you've got very little on, they come knocking at your door to find a story that isn't. This is more or less what happened when Linköpings-Posten got in touch. 

I got a phone call at the end of September:

'It's almost ten years since you started producing comedy shows in Linköping!'

I replied that it sort of was, but that the actual anniversary will be in February 2018, almost half a year away. They wanted to do the article anyway. A bit like wishing someone Happy Christmas in the middle of July, just to be sure you get in there first. 

So I met up with the reporter who I guess  was expecting an excited list of things that were happening in town - A real Linköping feel good story of 'Where ideas become reality'  .. But the trouble is that right now, I don't have much going on in Linköping apart from putting on shows for other people. ... because, in a nutshell, when it comes to putting on live events in Linköping, Linköping is a bit shit. 

So we awkwardly made our way through the interview, and I awkwardly stood for some photos and then a month or so later out comes an article which really says very little apart from that in five months time, it'll be ten years since the first time I did LKPG HA HA! But at the moment, nothing is planned, partly because I don't have a venue and partly because it's about half a year away. 

I wasn't really in the mood, as you can probably see from my face. Still, all credit to Carolina, the journalist, who did a good job of making an article out of a non story told by me at my grumpiest. 

Read the whole thing on this link or squint and read it below



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