Safety Last Productions AB is a limited company run by Ben Kersley.

Happy to work in both Swedish or English, Ben Kersley can be found onscreen, on the page, onstage and in headphones throughout Sweden and beyond. Ben performs stand up in English or Swedish, has recorded voiceover for everything from Scandia Trucks to The Dutch Maritime Museum and acted on stage, screen and the wireless.  

In Linköping he founded the comedy club LKPG HA HA! and The Linköping Comedy Festival. He also has produced comedy shows in a number of other towns. 

Ben has worked on a number of projects with the comedian Al Pitcher. You can catch their sitcom 'Pitcher på paus' on SVT play. Ben produced and directed their feature length road movie Big In Sweden, soon to be at a screen near you and currently available in Sweden on TV4Play

Get in touch if you'd like to know more!
+46 (0)73 0574291


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