Nothing brings people together more than the power of laughter. Whether you're a native English speaker, Swede, expat, tourist or somewhere inbetween, we'll give you a great evening of comedy.

The next night will be at The Park Södra on Friday 8th December with MC Ben Kersley (UK), Sunny VK (CAN) and Isak Jansson (SWE)

You'll find food and drink and friendly faces behind the bar as well as in the crowd!

Tickets via billetto with group discounts available

Welcome to Laughing Stock - Stand up comedy in English, in Stockholm. 

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Laughing Stock also has a large network of English speaking comedians, voiceovers, improvisers and moderators. 

If you need an English speaker for your event get in touch and let's see what we can do! 

Tel: 073 0574291