Be silly! Have fun! Be absurd! Laugh! ……That’s the short version. 
Here’s the corporate version: A workshop will help you:

  • Improve presentation skills
  • Strengthen confidence
  • Connect with a live audience. 
  • Own the space with your voice and body
  • Trust your wits. 
  • Grow as a team

Book a bespoke workshop to work on a specific presentation, or choose from the suggestions below. 

Workshops can be led in Swedish or English and can be adapted to the group! Business, theatre group, company or school, don't hesitate to get in touch!

Happy workshop participants! 

"I cannot recommend this enough. Such original content. It connected and delighted all of us. Learning happens best when we play and this is a magical format that allows us to do exactly that."   -  Sharon Green, Business Psychologist & Talent Partner.

Whether you are pitching an idea to a small group or giving a speech to an audience of 500, your presentation is a performance. ThIs workshop takes a practical look at the five tools that any stage performer has and helps you to use them to improve your presentation technique. 

  • Voice 
  • Body 
  • Staging 
  • Props 
  • Script 

A comedian lives or dies by the joke and must have a relationship with their audience in order to make 'em laugh. This workshop helps you to get to know that feeling, make it intuitive and use it next time you need to speak to a crowd, with or without jokes. 

You'll learn playful theatre exercises and techniques that will make you more aware of yourself and your audience. This workshop is A LOT OF FUN and you will laugh as you learn to connect with an audience through comedy. 

The art of thinking on the spot and performing in the moment is one of the most rewarding stage experiences there are. An improv workshop will improve your performance skills, give you confidence to speak spontaneously, teach you to work in a group and, perhaps most importantly, will be great fun!
Think outside of the box, think inside the box, think around the box, think through the box, tear the box apart and throw the box out of the window! (Boxes are optional)

“A great way to build confidence with public speaking while also having a good laugh along the way!” - Jake, Lawyer. 


Available as an hour lecture or as a practical workshop, Laughter Is The Best Medicine explores how comedy can improve mental health. 

Let's get to the bottom of laughter's role and why it’s so important to us as individuals and to society at large. It's a serious business and Ben will explain how laughter can be used to break the ice, affirm group and tribal dynamics, and give a sense of safety and security. Is laughter therapeutic and why is dark humour necessary for healing and coping with life’s more difficult and tragic moments? Can humour bring us closer to the Divine or does it simply confirm our humanity? Or both?

There will also be a few laughs along the way and possibly the use of a funny hat.