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All my friends are .... And I'm like....

Back in the day it used to be:  'All my friends are getting married and having kids, and I'm like....'
Then we got older and it became: 'All my friends are getting divorced and having affairs, and

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The towel is mightier than the sword

I’m in pain. My limbs are aching.

I can’t be blamed. I’ve been in a fight.

It was a series of fights. It feels like I spent the whole of yesterday fighting. In fact, pretty much everyone…

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2018 is here like a kick up the bum, like a custard pie in the face, like a bucket of water tipped down the pants, like fingers slammed in a sash window, like brick after brick falling onto your…

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That was the year that was - 2017

It's the time of year when you are supposed to look back and sum up all your achievements, successes and generally what a great person you are. The summary should also be peppered with a few failures and heartbreak…

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I've been in a play, daaar-ling!

I've just finished a run at the theatre. Or as we used to say at school in Birmingham: "I done a play". Yes, an actual play with costumes and lights and make up and music and a live audience.

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My favourite place in the whole of Sweden

I don't care what you say, and I don't care what you think, and I don't care that this blog post may contain more than just a little whimsy. But I'm just back from my absolute, uncontested, favourite place in…

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