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The Freedum Tourists From Texas

I was listening to the Adam Buxton podcast the other day and I stopped dead in my tracks. A broad smile crossed my face and I started chuckling. He was interviewing comedian Stewart Lee and it was the usual mix…

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Fan mail, fy fan!

The other day I got some fan mail. I don’t think I’ve ever had any fan mail before, not even fake fan mail from my wife, mother or children. So it was quite exciting to get a piece of fan…

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Sold out at Gamla Linköping

It was a funny old week last week, in more ways that one. I went to see some politicians from the culture department speak about their vision for Linköping’s kulturliv. The event came to me as a bit of a…

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A Very Close Shave


Woody Allen famously said that 80% of success is showing up. And he was absolutely right, as I almost found out thanks to a very close shave. 

A couple of weeks ago, I had a twelve minute meeting…

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All my friends are .... And I'm like....

Back in the day it used to be:  'All my friends are getting married and having kids, and I'm like....'
Then we got older and it became: 'All my friends are getting divorced and having affairs, and

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A wrapper and a rhymer

Merry Xmas!

Even though President Trump has told us that the very phrase Merry Xmas has been under attack, I'm going to say it loud! Because Xmas isn't just about the presents. Oh no..... it's about the competition around…

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Lions, cranes and a seafood buffet.

On Thursday night I found myself in Gothenburg. It's been a while, and although I was only there for less than a day, it was good to be back in a 'big' city with proper traffic and a bit…

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Looking for a toilet in Eskilstuna

The other day, I found myself in Eskilstuna.

I've only ever been there once before and that was to make a short film about Volvo wheel loaders. On that trip, eight years ago, I was met straight off the…

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Vallastaden - The Future Is Now

Yesterday, I made it to Vallastaden. The groundbreaking building project that aims to revolutionise town planning in Sweden and beyond. A whole new suburb, built from scratch, with only the imagination of the architects (plus budget and building regulations)…

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An art crawl to the Bull Ring

This weekend, I went over to Vadstena for the annual konstrunda.

Not entirely sure how to translate the word konstrunda - It's a bit like a pub crawl, where instead of walking from pub to pub and downing…

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