Getting my blog thang on!

New website is now live. I'm sure that you are aware of that as you are here reading this blog - on the website. 

It's that limbo period in Sweden just now, the time when you should be tying up all the loose ends of the first half of the year. 

For me, it's the time of year when I start to panic about the autumn and realise how little preparation I've done and how quickly August comes around. The fear and frustration is often doubled when, as a freelancer, you try and make contact with someone who, as we say in showbiz, has a proper job. From the second week in May, those straight boring bastards, pen-pushing, secure with their pension and paid holidays, are already mentally sitting in their summer house. So the most common response - If you get a response at all is: Call me in August. 

AUGUST? That's like three months away. 

This year, I'm feeling a bit more relaxed as I've got some nice projects to get my teeth into and will probably be working in a slightly different way. In the short term, I'm off to Stockholm on Monday to record a voiceover for an animation as well as have a quick script meeting for another thing .. more details to follow .. watch this blog!

So today .. I'm in my office at home, looking at all the loose papers and bills to pay while patting myself on the back that starting a blog is the most creative way to avoid taking care of the mess and the loose ends that so desperately need taking care of