The Last Laugh

I watched this short film today as I procrastinated before taking on the tasks of writing invoices and tidying up. And I thought it was brilliant.

The film takes place in the dusty dressing room of a Variety theatre with a cast that beautifully and accurately recreates Tommy Cooper, Bob Monkhouse and Eric Morecambe. I enjoyed this film on so many levels. Firstly, as a tribute to the giants of comedy who were an ubiquitous part of my early childhood, considered hack and cheesy in my teens and restored and recognised for their genius once I had reached my twenties. The script and characterisations are fantastic and the atmosphere of the film evokes a world of entertainment long gone, but still ghostly present in any backstage dressing room. 

Lastly, the dialogue between the comedians is faultless, and if not exactly what it's like backstage, it's exactly what we imagine it should be like when comedians sit backstage before a gig. 

Go full screen, turn down the lights, turn up the sound and take yourself backstage with some of the greatest entertainers to ever hit the stage.  


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