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Date Event Location
LKPG HA HA! med Christoffer Nyqvist Platens Bar, Linköping Platens Bar, Linköping
Stand Up and Big In Sweden Eklunda Bio , Bestorp Eklunda Bio , Bestorp
Stand Up, Babar, Tranås Babar, Tranås Babar, Tranås
Laughing Stock - After Work Comedy Hour PIK - Vasastan , Stockholm PIK - Vasastan , Stockholm
Laughing Stock - After Work Comedy Hour PIK - Vasastan , Stockholm PIK - Vasastan , Stockholm
Joystick - Stand Up For Gamers O'Leary's Linköping , Linköping O'Leary's Linköping , Linköping
 —  — Linköping Comedy Festival Östergötlands Museum m.fl, Linköping Östergötlands Museum m.fl, Linköping
Gangster Comedian Lund Comedy Festival , Lund Lund Comedy Festival , Lund
Stand Up Double Bill (Lund Preview) Dahlbergs Café, Gamla Linköping Dahlbergs Café, Gamla Linköping
El Skratto - GBG Viiva Bar, Gothenburg Viiva Bar, Gothenburg
Gangster Comedian (Preview) Larry's Corner , Stockholm Larry's Corner , Stockholm
SPORTY Guerrilla Stand Up Talares Tribun, Linköping Talares Tribun, Linköping
CULTURAL Guerrilla Safari Mellins Torg, Linköping Mellins Torg, Linköping
Laughing Stock - Phil Nichol (CAN/UK) PIK - Vasastan , Stockholm PIK - Vasastan , Stockholm
Laughing Stock - Damo Clark (AUS/IRE) PIK - Vasastan , Stockholm PIK - Vasastan , Stockholm
Funny Film Club CNEMA, Norrköping CNEMA, Norrköping
Dialogforum Linköpings Naturcentrum , Linköping Linköpings Naturcentrum , Linköping
Extreme Guerilla Stand Up Trädgårdsföreningen, Linkköping Trädgårdsföreningen, Linkköping
TRAMS! - Stand Up på Spårvagn (Musikhjälpen) Söder Tull, Norrköping Söder Tull, Norrköping
Livsråd & Easy Street (Utomhusbio) Dansbana, Gamla Linköping , Linköping Dansbana, Gamla Linköping , Linköping

“Linköping har verkligen blivit en roligare stad med LKPG HA HA!”
CCCCC - Corren - 5 maj 2016 

LKPG HA HA! first burst onto the Linköping scene in 2008. Over a decade the club grew from playing in small cafés to a monthly night at Konsert o Kongress and a weekly night at The Crypt. As well as a comedy festival that began in 2016. Hundreds of Swedish and International comedians have entertained thousands of people over the years. 

Currently on ice thanks to COVID, LKPG HA HA! and Ben Kersley can still help you book a comedian or put on a comedy night in English or Swedish.

With a decade of experience,  access to a large local mailing list, active social media and a network of students ready to put up posters, Ben can also help promote your event in Linköping. Just get in touch!

Read a little bit about the history of the club below! 


Eller boka en helkväll till din pub, företag eller förening

Två halvor, 3-4 komiker och mycket skratt. Vi kan anpassa kvällen till lokalen, kunden och budgeten. Maila eller ring så kan vi snacka igenom det som funkar för just dig!

A Brief History of LKPG HA HA!

2008 LKPG HA HA! started in February 2008 at Nationernas House. During 2008 the club also popped up at Harry's and [hg] and had a regular open mic night at Elsas House called Provrummet

2009 The club moved to Café M and started getting a following. First ever open air stand up in Linköpings Trädgårdsföreningen “Stand up i världsklass på Café M” - CCCC - Corren 25 september 2009

2010 Wild nights at a packed Café M and 'Best of Östergötland' at Sagateatern “Ruggigt bra” - CCCC - Corren - 20 mars 2010 “En kändis, lite naket och mycket roligt” CCCC - Corren - 17 maj 2010

2011 A short lived move to the short lived Bastiljen, followed by a move to Backstage, konsert o kongress. “Publiken på Bastiljen nästan lika roligt som DJ Danny” - CCCC - Corren 1 april 2011 “Solen lyser över LKPG HA HA!“ CCCCC - Corren - 1 december 2011

2012 Backstage plays host to some of Sweden's biggest names including Kristoffer Appelquist, Ankan Johansson and Ann Westin “Stand upen står stark i Linköping” - CCCC - Corren - 4 april 2012