A RAW night

 It's been a few years, but it was good to be back at RAW in Stockholm on Friday.

Back in the day, the club had a tough reputation as being the hottest stage in Sweden, whose tours sold out up and down the country. After a couple of years on hold, Mårten Andersson has opened up the club again and although the club doesn't have quite the same tough reputation (Is it because everyone is a little bit older?), it is still one of the best stages to perform on and also, for audiences, one of the best nights out for comedy in Stockholm. 

I've played there a couple of times and although it is a really big place it manages to feel like a very small intimate stage. So yes, it was great to be back and do my thing. 

I was headlining an all English night with three Americans (Jonathan Rollins, Kathryn LeRoux & Ryan Bussell) and a Russian comedian (Jana Sabanova). I think we all did great and it was nice to see these guys perform full sets. 

A couple of fun things - The club usually plays very hip house music, which the Americans all managed to do some kind of dancey thing to - They do that sort of thing so well in the States. I spoke to the DJ, DJ Josephine, to see if she had some totally inappropriate music to come on, like some 1940's Variety style jazz... I thought would look down her nose at my suggestion, but found out that she not only loved that kind of thing, but had loads of stuff to choose from. 

The other thing was that there was a heckler who during the Americans had shouted out that he was Canadian. He heckled me, so I went at him all guns blazing with a bit about how since Trump had come to power, Americans in Europe were back to pretending that they were Canadian, but that he had single handedly made Canadians less popular than Americans despite this being almost impossible at the moment. He replied with 'I'm Irish!', which luckily was also the last of his heckles. I think by that point he'd got wind of the fact that the audience were pretty much all against him. 

So that was that. RAW done and dusted and lots of fun it was too. 

Also got some nice pictures from Kathryn which made me realise I am probably the only person to have done comedy in Sweden wearing a Manzes Pie and Mash T-Shirt. Just think of the publicity this could bring them.. It might turn around the struggling Pie and Mash industry




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