Character building

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about dying onstage at an open mic night where I tried out a couple of characters. Two weeks later and I had given my all to the creative process - In other words, I had chosen a new hat and changed the name of the character. I also made the accent a little bit rougher. And luckily that seemed to work - Daniel Day Lewis, eat your heart out!

Last night, Colin Thickett saw the light of day for the first time. And I think the character worked. Now just to give the character a few more outings! So watch your backs, Tjällmo's very own Colin Thickett, with his Östgötatrafiken travel card in in hand, is going to hit the road!


UPDATE: Just been reminded that Steve Coogan has a character called Thickett!!! Need to find a new name! Other than that .. all good!



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