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2022 - A Funny Old Year

As 2022 draws to a close it’s time again to sit down for half an hour and work out where the year went? 

The first few weeks of the year were a cloud of nervous, excited anticipation, dreaming…

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Speaky Spokey 

I did something pretty exciting on Saturday. I was invited to take part in a live Zoom event for Speaky Spokey. 

Speaky Spokey is a spoken word event that usually takes place with a physical audience in a real physical…

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The Brexit Express comes to Linköping!

Last night the Brexit Express steamrolled to my home town, Linköping. The UK Foreign Office are on a PR offensive trying to reassure businesses, expats and potential tourists that even though the UK is going down the drain at speed…

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Thank you, Boris Johnson

In the past, I may have inadvertently ejaculated barbed comments to the effect that you never get anything from Linköpings Kommun. I take it all back. I retract all previous allegations. Last Wednesday, on Sweden's national day, Linköping Kommun…

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Back from England

I've been away for a week or so and feel the need to get back to blogging. So here is a very quick and superficial summary of my trip to England. 

Firstly, perhaps I am getting old, but I…

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