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To Edsbyn!

The excitement is starting to build. It’s almost time to hit the road and start filming phase two of a project that first saw the light of day just over a year ago. Yes! This time next week, I’ll…

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The hippest place in Söder(köping)

If the Swedish world of stand up has a spiritual centre, around which it revolves, it is Södermalm. On the Facebook group for stand up comedians, whenever a new club opens up, the question is never 'Where in Sweden?'…

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SEMST / Linköping Bloody Kommun!


Friday was largely dedicated to spitting out the words ‘Linköping Bloody Kommun’ through gritted teeth. 

For accuracy, I should say that this wasn’t just an average day to day ‘Linköping Bloody Kommun’ swearathon - When you live in…

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Knife Town!

Over the last few weeks, I've started to come to terms with the great blog conundrum: The more you do that is worthy of writing in said blog, the less likely you are to find the time to sit…

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Rock and Roll!

On Saturday night, I was back at The Crypt to do a short set as part of my friend Gustav's birthday celebrations. The Crypt has the potential to be one of the nicest venues in Linköping, if it weren't…

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Linköping Comedy Festival 2018

So that's Linköping Comedy Festival over for another year. Thank you to everyone who made it possible: Audiences, comedians, techies, staff at Frimis and sponsors, Visit Linköping, Botrygg and Mannersons. 

It was a smaller, more intimate festival this…

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Ten years of LKPG HA HA!

Ten years ago, I got together with Kjell Nyholm and Jessica Karlén, a couple of comedians from Kisa and put together the first ever LKPG HA HA! at Nationernas Hus in Linköping.  

I thought the anniversary was today…

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All My Kamrater

I was up early this morning to be on AMK morgon. 

AMK is phenomenal. And I mean that in every sense of the word - The very fact it exists is remarkable and fantastic. It's been controversial, it's…

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Tiny Little Hands

Having tiny little hands is good for only a few things: Cleaning the inside of a clarinet, clapping enthusiastically without making too much noise, knitting a scarf for a gerbil and being the president of the USA.  


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A Cheddar cheese sandwich

I have appeared on a podcast.

Or more accurately, a simulacrum, an impression, a version of myself has appeared on a pod. In short, I have been impersonated on a podcast. 

Podcasts in Sweden have a reputation…

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That was the year that was - 2017

It's the time of year when you are supposed to look back and sum up all your achievements, successes and generally what a great person you are. The summary should also be peppered with a few failures and heartbreak…

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As popular as a potato gratin!

They say you should never read reviews, but when GIK Nytt, the heavyweight organ that is the source of all news in Grytgöl writes about you, you pay attention!

A few weeks ago, I was asked to gig in…

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Lions, cranes and a seafood buffet.

On Thursday night I found myself in Gothenburg. It's been a while, and although I was only there for less than a day, it was good to be back in a 'big' city with proper traffic and a bit…

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A night in Valhalla

According to Norse mythology (by which I mean, Wikipedia), Valhalla was an enormous, majestic hall, that warriors travelled to after they had been slain in combat; a pretty impressive place where you were welcomed by fantastic beasts, there…

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Back in the papers with Comedy Festival news

The Linköping Comedy Festival 2018 juggernaut is shifting into gear - All the acts are now booked and ready to go, there's a couple of sponsors and the press is starting to prick up their ears. First off the…

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A busy week!

I was in Stockholm earlier this week to talk to a few people about next summer's film project. Some small knockbacks, but also some very positive feedback and enthusiasm about the film - The overall picture is that it…

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Team Amerika - F*ck Yeah!

Last night the US of A came to Linköping in the form of Team Amerika. Even though they cheated a bit by having Englishman Ben Richards (who was hilarious), they brought a slice of America to the stage at L'Orient. …

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Stop the press

Newspapers are a bit weird. If you contact them with a story that is happening here and now and that is exciting, the response is..... apathy if they can be bothered and indifference if they care enough to answer…

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A RAW night

 It's been a few years, but it was good to be back at RAW in Stockholm on Friday.

Back in the day, the club had a tough reputation as being the hottest stage in Sweden, whose tours sold out…

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When kommunala tjänstemän go wild....

I did a gig last night for about eighty kommunala tjänstemän from a selection of Sweden's so-called small big towns, or big small towns - The jury is out as to whether they are big and small, or small…

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Looking for a toilet in Eskilstuna

The other day, I found myself in Eskilstuna.

I've only ever been there once before and that was to make a short film about Volvo wheel loaders. On that trip, eight years ago, I was met straight off the…

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He's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy

Autumn season kicked off last night with the premiere of Messiah Hallberg's tour show - Den Missförstådde Profeten (The Misunderstood Prophet).

It was also a premiere for me, it being the first time I'd ever put on a…

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